Thursday, January 21, 2016

How to Celebrate National Handwriting Day?

      Ideas on How to  Celebrate
      National Handwriting  Day!

  • Write a note or letter to someone you prefer or Love.
  • Informative Notes to those serving in the military or people who are elderly or ill will be well received.
  • Learn more about John Hancock and the Declaration of Independence.
  • Start an autograph book or Start personnel Daily Diary.
  • Practice making your writing legible and neat.
  • Bake a cake for John Hancock and sign your name in large letters with icing.
  • Share your ideas on your Facebook, twitter, Instagram,   Pinterest, Linkedin & Google page    
  • Write in Legible Handwriting in Notebook at School & in Homework.
  • Oath to write in Legible Handwriting.
How do you celebrate National Handwriting Day? 

Please share with us.

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