Saturday, January 9, 2016

"Give Strength to Kids Handwriting"

  1. Popping plastic bubble wrapping material using a pincer grasp.
  2. Squeezing clothes pegs  (helping to hang up or take down clothes on the clothes line or similar activity).
  3.  Using a hole puncher for art activities.
  4.  Open and hold the school door for the teachers or class.
  5.  Help erase the blackboard or whiteboard.
  6.  Pouring activities e.g. water plants.
  7.  At home, digging in the garden, raking, sweeping, cleaning windows, carrying groceries etc.
  8. Finger Painting – using individual fingers, do shapes, pre- writing  patterns.
  9. Play dough-squeezing, rolling, and pinching.
  10. Use a rainbow ribbon to make circles and figures of 8 in different positions.
  11. Climbing and monkey bar games where the arms have to pull up the child’s body weight.
  12. Playing ‘wheelbarrows’ or other games where the child bears his body weight through his arms.
  13. Animal walks, obstacle courses and crawling.
  14. Crab walks in all directions (tummy in air).
  15. Making bridges with their bodies.
  16. Making the letter shapes with their bodies; this will teach them about shapes and improve core strength

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