Wednesday, January 27, 2016

*********** 15 Skills or Abilities in Handwriting *********** ************ *************************

The skills are needed for Handwriting.

Many people has impression that cursive style of Handwriting is old fashioned & outdated.

Majority have taken cursive out of their curriculum. Not having cursive as an option is detrimental for many children who struggle with their Handwriting work.

1.  Fine Motor Coordination
Small motor skills that build upon & influence each other, leading to gradual refinement of skilled Hand & Finger movements.

2.  Visual Focusing
The ability for the Eyes to work together.

3.  Mental attention
The ability to screen out the distraction.

4.  Organized  physical movements
The ability to maintain posture & hold the writing instrument.

5. Receptive Language
The ability to perceive abstract concepts & follow verbal directions.

6.  Inner expressive Language
The ability to think clearly , organize ideas, concepts & communicate through writing.

7. Memory Recall
The ability to remember letter formations and the required movements necessary to make each letter and connection.

8. Concentration with awareness
The ability to maintain consistent awareness of details & form over a period of time.

9. Spatial perceptions
The ability to utilize space.

10. Organization
The ability to organize Mind, Body & space to produce meaningful responses.
11. Integration
The ability to unit the Mind, Body & space to create meaningful written expressions.

12.   Eye- Hand coordination
The ability to use the Eyes & Hand together as a seamless unit.

13.  Motor Planning
The ability to plan & carry out an action.

  14.  Tactile input
The ability to feel the pencil in Hand & apply the appropriate pressure to write.

15.  Crossing Mid line
The movements of the Eyes, a Hand, or forearm to move across the midsection of the body without moving  any other part of the body.

Happy Handwriting !

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