Thursday, December 17, 2015


It is really amazing now a days to know that some are very proud to say that “ I have not written in own handwriting for past six months except my signature.”

That’s not fair on one’s side. Because it is certainly required & important tool to cater exercises to our Brain & Fingers (Hand muscle movement). These exercises are equally important as any other physical exercises that we do regularly for our physical fitness such as Jim, Yoga, Jogging, walking, etc.

Our regular Handwriting touch do induce to the exercise of our brain as well it ensures our MIND-MOTOR coordination resulting to boost our confidence level & makes us feel towards positive attitude. Which is very beneficial to our psychological movements.

The Handwriting has no age bar. One should avoid the thinking way as “ I am grown up & why do I need it ?”

The legibility in Handwriting reflects your inner state of mind. If you want to bring a more positive change in your thoughts, the Handwriting improvement in your Handwriting will certainly assist you to achieve your goal more effectively.

Good Handwriting helps not only for children but for Adults as well.

So… Start to write regularly for at least 30 minutes a day with legibility intact in own Handwriting.

Recover your better impression by showing the positive change in you with a Good Handwriting at your work place in this cyber age world too.

Happy Good Handwriting !!

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