Monday, December 28, 2015

Now or Never

Think again & again, motivate to write in legible Handwriting to our kids. Even though it does not exist in some Schools/digital schools around the globe. You can train your kids for Handwriting as an extracurricular also. This activity acts as a vitamin to the children in their growing age as a nutrition to their betterment or a support to enhance their learning skills. Handwriting & reading from various books increases their interest in the learning skills. It is a vital vitamin in their beginning of the early periods of life. The advancement of the technology has caused the benefits along with the few demerits. But these few demerits are more important for the children & that might affect on the next generation’s learning skills.

The one of the statistics below has resulted into figures.


According to an infographic published by Everyday Family,

  1. 54% of 21st century kids start using mobile devices when they are 5 to 8 years old.
  2. 30% of the apps on parents’ mobile are downloaded specially for their children’s usage.
  3. 77% of the parents accept that usage of tablet that increases children’s learning & creativity.
  4. 72% of iTunes top selling apps are designed for pre-schoolers and elementary students.
But in spite all these studies, do the technology providers have taken up any lesson nor even the parents ?

The above figure shows an increase in the FANs of Latest Technology to improvement in the learning skills by the Digital era but for those who get these latest gadgets or available or can afford it.

The technology avails the data that is not required in readymade & quick information to the kids, teenagers & youth on a finger click without any pains to look for it in a premature period of age for a such information causes to early maturity in a wrong time of age. Technology is expensive in some part of the world or affordability issues lead to chaos in inequality issues in the society.

Nowadays the technology has developed in such a way that it ensures the parental control with security & safety for children. Instead of all these locks & measures, if one decides for their kids to handle or allow these latest technological options on or after certain age than that will prove the best for the kids for their betterment in their future. These precautionary measures can control or restrict the adverse effects on kids , if any !

Technology has the challenge on controlling the ratio for

The Right Information : At the Right Age & to overcome the demerits causing advert effects on child.

The sales target by the Company’s/Manufacturer’s sees to it that it pushes their latest products or attract consumers to reach to that latest technology product very effectively. On the other hand, if this target does the studies on the impact of their products on the society or the demerits affected on next generation (Kids youth or below them) before launching via some research will be more remarkable to boost their sales & may avoid the adverse effects on children/society. Only these targets can save the next generation’s derailment in the traditional ,Cheap, easy & effective proven way of improving their learning skills & one of the traditional way is Good Handwriting .

Ensure to adopt a Legible Handwriting at least as an extracurricular activity in Digital Schools regularly & effectively.

Handwriting mustn’t fade with time.

    Happy Year 2016 with Happy & Healthy Handwriting!

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