Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Handwriting - Is it on the verge of extinction?

We all have witnessed how technological devices like tablets and smart phones have been ruling our lives lately & aggressively. With such a ease and convenience at hand, we have been unknowingly becoming too dependent to these aids & Gadgets. Typing over MS word, making to-do lists in mobile phone apps, noting reminders on mobile calendars have almost declined the need to write in hand & the noting in personal Daily Diary in own Handwriting.

But, does this give us an excuse to ignore the fact that handwriting still forms the basic component where our education begins? Are we in a state where we can neglect or undo the need of handwritten assignments that kids need to submit in their schools? Absolutely not… How-much-so-ever technology may dominate our needs and demands, handwriting will remain an essential part of the learning process in the schools.

Even though the Digital Schools are educating the children since from very beginning, they also require to learn children to write in Handwriting.
Digital Schools must not forget the importance of Handwriting for the mankind & the benefits of Handwriting forever for the lifetime.
Technology isn’t the enemy of education. It’s when applications are created with a holistic view that technology can be its saving grace.
Handwriting and Technology are integral parts of both teaching and learning.
Handwriting was, & still is the part of CHILD’s DEVELOPMENT
Why can’t we forget handwriting, at least in schools? Because…

· It helps in identifying the alphabets that forms the written                 expression of a language.
· It develops the ability to learn the language itself.
· It adds to vocabulary and written etiquette's of communication.
· It indirectly helps build a fluent verbal communication.
· It helps remember useful information for long, sometime for a
· It minimizes errors in writing and while speaking.
· Many more….

If you too realize the importance of handwriting and the need to write legibly, Start Now & Encourage other as well to write.

Happy Handwriting !!

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