Saturday, July 26, 2014

" Handwriting Olympiad 2014" by Writerightindia & Camlin

We welcome you to the World’s Largest Handwriting Olympiad 2014!

The Handwriting Olympiad (HWO) is a written competition which is conducted annually for students who wish to participate on an international level and get awarded for their good handwriting skills. The Handwriting Olympiad is being conducted since the year 2010.This is the only Olympiad where every participant stands to win. Be it in the form of awards or a corrective advice. Our prime objective being to help the students overcome all the flaws in their handwriting by providing individualized corrective advice to all the participants of the competition. Over 400,000 students have benefited from this Olympiad by now. It is life time benefit for every participant. We certainly appreciate the efforts from parents, teachers and schools that let their students participate in the handwriting Olympiad and en-cash the opportunity to benefit from the expert advises.
All students from standard 2nd to 12th can participate in the Handwriting Olympiad.
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