Friday, July 4, 2014

" Cyberage World "


If "handwriting can't matter in the Cyber Age ...
... why does the SAT exam now include a timed, handwritten essay?
... why do most employers still require applicants to complete one or more forms by hand?
... why do hundreds of blog entries and Twitter posts daily describe the blogger's or poster's poor handwriting or complain about the poor handwriting of others?
Computers will never completely replace other writing tools -- not unless someone can invent a computer the size of a pencil or pen, costing the same as a pencil or pen, and needing no electric power supply.
Computers and cell-phones haven't eliminated handwriting -- they have merely tempted people to stop teaching and learning the subject. This is changing, though -- thanks, ironically, to computer software.
As millions of schoolchildren head back to the classrooms, Handwriting Repair/Handwriting That Works is orchestrating the release of a startling new iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch application that will forever change the way the world thinks about teaching, learning, and using handwriting.
By Kate Gladstone.
Handwriting Classes
About Good Handwriting is the mark of Success,...

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